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Jonzac is a town between Cognac (hmmm) and Bordeaux (hmmm m) where much tasting of local products occurs; wine, Pineau and cognac .
Since 1994 , Jonzac offers an historical background for the amateurs of comics and regional products.


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“Humour et Vigne” is the name of a bi-annual festival dedicated to cartoons and to the cultural heritage of the grape vine. Its aim is to foster exchanges for the pleasure and well being of the people of all nations.

 The event has developed along 4 main lines:

1. An international competition of cartoons followed by an exhibition.

2. A ‘salon’ of cartoonists surrounding a guest of honour.

3. A festival which includes entertainment which takes place both at the inauguration and during the exhibition.

4. Following the festival some travelling exhibitions are organised both in France and abroad.

-1* An international competition of cartoons followed by an exhibition.


 In choosing the word “vigne”(vine) rather than “vin” (wine), the organisers have offered artists a larger gamut of possibilities to explore subjects such as the plant itself, with its stem, its leaves, its grapes, the juice of its fruit and of course, the wine. But also numerous other celebrated products such as Cognac, Pineau and Champagne, not forgetting the vineyards themselves and those people who cultivate them on their own particular ‘terroir’ (soil), the wine cellars, stills, barrels and bottles, and the glasses for the pleasure of tasting the wine.


Each festival so far has celebrated a particular theme: in 2002-"cuisine", in 2004-"art", in 2006–"sport", in 2008–"love" and in 2010-"magic". That year 237 artists from 47 countries submitted 700 drawings, half of which were selected for inclusion in the exhibition.


In 2012, the 10th biennale will be dedicated to the theme of "travelling".

A leaflet in French and English including the competition rules, an entry form and diverse information relating to the biennale will be sent to all competitors. From November 2011 it will be sent worldwide via post and e-mail, published in the press and will be available on the website: http://vignumour02.chez.com


-2* A ‘salon’ of cartoonists surrounding a guest of honour.


Since 1994, the biennale has been supported by leading artists and cartoonists, including artists from the group "Humoristes Associés" (H.A.)—in particular, Mose, Laville, Piem, Mofrey, Loup, Blachon, Bridenne and Sabatier— who have successively been our guests of honour. On the two last occasions, Ralph Steadman generously accepted our invitation as a special guest.

The guest of honour in 2012 is Napo.

He is responsible for the artistic work on the poster, wine labels, the catalogue cover and other media. The gallery of the Cloître des Carmes in Jonzac is the venue for a special exhibition dedicated to his work and also an exhibition of around 20 other invited artists. Furthermore it will provide the opportunity to present a range of wine label collections as well as work from other artistic fields such as photography, sculpture, installations etc. reiterating the theme of Humour et Vigne.


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 -3* A festival with a wide range of events and performances.


During the inaugural weekend:

      shows, humorous sketches and events, music and dance,

      impromptu drawings by the invited artists,

      book-signing sessions and caricature drawing,

      presentation of prizes for adults and children,

      ritual and initiatory performances particular to “Humour et Vigne”,

      symposia and discussions relating to humour,

      tastings and the sale of regional products,

      meetings and collective meals,

       reception of artists who will be the guests of local families.


During the exhibition:

        support for regional and international links,

        publication of a catalogue, poster and humorous wine labels.

      guided educational visits for school groups,

      public participation in voting for ‘le prix public’ sponsored by the town of Jonzac,

      the acclaimed ‘Balad’humour’ by coach (an amusing tour through local vineyards),

      a day where collectors of wine labels have the opportunity to exchange labels

      closing ceremony and awarding of prizes.


“Concours des bulles”

Leading up to, and during, the exhibition there is a ‘Concours des bulles’. The public are invited to participate in a word-bubble competition sponsored by the local newspaper ‘La Haute Saintonge’ . Entrants must imagine the text to accompany the word-bubble/bubbles in drawings by the guest of honour, Napo.


-4.* Travelling exhibitions in France and abroad.


 Beyond events organised in Jonzac, Humour et Vigne has extended its scope with an ever-growing number of travelling exhibitions. Since 1994, about fifty partnerships with similar events have brought friendly exchanges with a wider public. Between 2010 and 2012, some 100,000 people could enjoy the cartoons at 20 different venues across France and Belgium.

ADDRESS : Humour & Vigne

BP 43



TEL : 00 33 5 46 48 49 29

E-mail : vignumour@gmail.com

The guests of the 2010 biennial

(photo - H&V- see the 2010 guests album)


Travelling exhibitions


In 2010:


1* Blaye (33) Citadelle 10-11 April

2* Jonzac (17) Cloître des Carmes: 26 June-11 July

3* St-Georges de Didonne (17) 25th Festival Humour et Eau Salée : 5-8 August

4* Blaye (33) Maison du Vin : 10 August-22 September

5* Paris (75) Maison du Limousin : 31 August- 18 September

6* Jonzac (17) Espace Culturel du Centre Leclerc : 20-30 September

7* St-Just-le-Martel (87) 29e Salon International de la Caricature, du Dessin de Presse et d'Humour :September- 3 October

8* Montlieu-la-Garde (17) Maison de la Forêt : 12 October-3 November

9* St-Sornin (16) 7th Fête du Vin : 23-24 October


In 2011:


10* Cognac (16) Bibliothèque, Printemps des Poètes 8-28 March,

11* Blaye (33)  Citadelle : 9-10 April

12* Villenave d'Ornon (33) Bibliothèque de l'Institut de la Science de la Vigne et du

Vin: 23 May-14 June

13* Bordeaux (33) Palais de la Bourse, Symposium International d'œnologie: 15

-17 June

14* Virton (Belgium) 1st Festival du dessin de presse et d'humour : 3-5 June

15* Archiac (17) Maison de la vigne et des Saveurs : 16 30 August

16* St-Just-le-Martel (87) 30e Salon International de la Caricature, du Dessin de Presse et d'Humour : 1-9 October

17* La Rochelle (17) Maison du Département : 18 October-4 November.

18* St-Sornin (16) 8th Fête du Vin : 22-23 October

19* Jonzac (17) Lycée Jean Hyppolite : 14-18 November

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In conclusion:


The sole ambition of "Humour et Vigne" is to bring together, every two years, the talents of cartoonists from the four corners of the earth, around a theme that is open to generous interpretation. This festival, in a small town with a modest budget, represents a major investment with benevolent contributions from people who devote their time and energy for the sake of innumerable, friendly exchanges and offer a warm welcome to the artists invited to Jonzac.


 The "Humour & Vigne" Team



Programme of the 10th Biennale Humour & Vine : Travelling


From 30 June to 15 July 2012 –

Cloître des Carmes - Jonzac - Charente-Maritime - France


November 2011 : launch of the cartoon competition. Deadline: 1 April 2012.


Saturday 14 April 2012 : selection of cartoons by the jury.


April- May : artists work with school parties during term time and holidays, preparation of the exhibitions, performances and communications (catalogue, poster, humorous wine labels, video, programme etc.)


From 20 to 29 June : installation of exhibitions and preparation of festival.


28 and 29 June : Opening of exhibitions with guided visits for school groups.


From 30 June to 15 July : the exhibition at the ‘Cloître des Carmes” open to the public


Inaugural weekend :


Friday 29 June : Reception of artists, presentation of the prizes by the sponsors followed by evening spectacle.


Saturday 30 June : "Salon" of invited cartoonists with book-signing sessions and caricature drawing, celebration of the inauguration of the exhibition, presentation of prizes, events and performances.


Sunday 1st July p.m. : "Salon"of invited cartoonists with book signing sessions and caricature drawings


Sunday 8 July : Exchange mart for wine label collectors

Tuesday 10 July : The acclaimed ‘balad’humour’( by coach) an amusing tour through the vineyards.


Sunday 11 July : Closing ceremony and presentation of public prize ( sponsored by Jonzac town).

Presentation of prize for the word-bubble competition (sponsored by the newspaper “La Haute Saintonge”).





About our guest of honour:

 Napo as shot in 2010 biennial ▼


 Heir to Hieronymus Bosch and Saul Steinberg, Napo, with his unbridled imagination, transports us through hallucinating,  outrageous jungles of passion to discover beauty and truth via a combination of magical humour, tenderness and horror.

Napo is an accomplished colourist who also skilfully holds up a satirical mirror, tinged with poetic wisdom, to ourselves.

Born in Argentina, draughtsman and painter, since the 1960s he has published his work in the press and in albums: in Argentina, Satiricon, La Nacion, Humor, Revista Noticias, TiaVicenta, Centro Editor de America Litana.

During the 1970s he travelled in Europe living first in Italy and then Spain. Since 1976 he has lived in France.

In Italy he has collaborated with Linus and Sergent Kirk. In Spain he has published in La Vanguardia, designed covers for Editions B and illustrated books for the same publishers.

A founder member of Humoristes Associés, his work has been published in Lui, Le Monde, L'Express, Investir, Le Monde Initiatives, Ca m'intéresse, L'Evènement du jeudi, Pif, Télérama, Que Choisir, Le Journal de la Coupole, etc.

He has illustrated books pubished by Nathan, Hachette and Belin in France and designed posters published by Verkerke in the Netherlands. In Germany, he has illustrated games, jigsaw puzzles (on the theme of the Divine Comedy) and calendars published by Heye Verlag.


ADDRESS: Humour & Vigne

BP 43

17502-Jonzac Cedex-France


Tel: 05 46 48 49 29

E-mail: vignumour@gmail.com



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